If you thought things in Iraq were all peaches and ice cream, as I did, well I guess you and I are sorely mistaken. Apparently the suits in Washington aren’t happy with those car bombs and political assassination thingies.

The Pentagon is sending a retired four-star Army general to Iraq next week to conduct an unusual “open-ended” review of the military’s entire Iraq policy, including troop levels, training programs for Iraqi security forces and the strategy for fighting the insurgency, senior Defense Department officials said Thursday.

At a meeting Thursday with his top military and civilian aides, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld instructed that General Luck look at all areas of the operation, identify any weaknesses and report back in a few weeks with a confidential assessment, senior defense officials said.

Hmmm, I’m not in the military but I’ll take a shot and say that the situation in Iraq is totally wacked.

We don’t have enough troops to do the job and those service persons over there now are already over worked and stretched way beyond what should be. I think it’s also kitchen table knowledge that our troops don’t have the equipment they need (and in some cases promised) to perform the tasks they are assigned. With all of that going on I’ll assume that means morale is in the toilet and won’t improve no matter how many USO shows you host on the sand.