Let me get a few things off my chest.

  1. We are at war, this is not a weekend game of capture the flag. This conflict will not be over in a mater of days and death will be inflicted, on both sides. Wallstreet needs to get a grip and stop using military performance as basis for investment.

  2. Russian President Vladimir Putin can go screw himself until he’s French. Who does he think he is to criticize President Bush? As Russia’s supreme military leader, he leveled Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, without any regard for civilian deaths. Hey, doesn’t that make him a war criminal?

  3. Pardon my language but Sadam’s use of civilians as shields for military targets makes him Numero Uno Asshole of the Universe. What does it take for people to realize what a monster this guy is and how much better the world will be when he is either dead or at least Manuel Noriega’s new boyfriend?

  4. I’m happy to defend the rights of the war protester but dammit people, beating drums and jamming traffic doesn’t do anything but stroke your own conscious and ego. If you want to help bring back the boys then go comfort the mother of a solider. It would also be a good idea to start a food drive to help feed Iraqis, they need our help too.

  5. Whether you support Bush or not, make sure you are registered to vote in 2004. Make plans to get involved in American democracy before November of next year. Nothing worse than a loud mouth who didn’t even bother to take the time to vote in 2002.

  6. Like him or not, Michael Moore exercised his First Amendment Right as protected by the United States Constitution. Get over it and move on.

  7. This war, like the one in 1991, is not about oil. If we liberated Kuwait over oil then why am I paying $2.50 a gallon? Rubbish. If you are going to protest against war, please seek an educational level higher than the fifth grade, or move to France.

  8. That so much attention, money, resources, and human effort is directed towards the Oscars is just as shameful as war, they are just on opposite ends of the Stupid spectrum.

  9. If Martin Sheen opposes war so much, why does he play an American President that ordered the assassination of an Arab leader? I guess when the paychecks are on the line, a guys standards just seem to always exit stage left. Imagine that.

  10. And to those who live in countries that receive financial or food aid from the United States and then turn around and shout for the destruction of my country: screw you, I want my money or food back.