HP Honesty.

NASA has got it all wrong. For years and years they have been complaining about a lack of attention, priority, and funding from Washington fat cats to pay for new exploration programs. Hell, they even had to partner with other countries just to get our space station in the sky.

So when the threat of Earth being destroyed by an asteroid comes around what do they do, just shrug and calculate that the threat will pass and our planet will remain unharmed.

All is well.

We’ve all seen Armageddon, we know that money isn’t an issue when it comes to big rocks hitting the United States, or threat thereof.

NASA geeks could be rolling in the cash if they would just milk 2002 NT7 (the asteroids official designation) for at least a year. After all, this thing isn’t supposed to hit until 2019 plenty of time to live large!

We could have new space shuttles with lasers or a legion of space marines, equipped with smaller lasers, who are trained to infiltrate the asteroid and eliminate the threat of space terror.

In short, our brilliant minds in the space program just aren’t thinking outside the box and that’s too bad because it would be nice to have a distraction from everything else going on.