I Rove Rou.

Sugar Storey was so young in spirit and character that she was often mistaken as being a young girl. Her mission in life was to love everyone in hopes that they would show the same emotion in kind. She was 147.

The final cause of death is believed to be a stroke, she passed away in the arms of her parents.

Adopted into the Storey family at an early age, Sugar was always there for family members through thick and then. Despite living for so long, she never left home, preferring the company of mother’s care and her father’s lap.

She was a mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel, combining the best of both breeds into a small bundle of love, joy, and strawberry blonde hair. Family members often referred to her lovingly as “Wigglebutt” because of her stubby tail that wagged so hard it made her rear shake with it. And it always wiggled when family members came home.

At the age of 21 she was taught how to say “I love you” in a way that mostly everyone could understand. And while she could open the front door to get into the house, for some reason she would never close it. Not because she couldn’t, Sugar just knew someone else would do it while she went for some food.

Sugar loved living in Alaska. One of her very favorite pastimes was chasing seagulls up and down the shores of Homer, Alaska in the summer. And she loved bounding through deep fresh winter snow while playing chase with her brothers.

She didn’t care for car travel much, preferring the open expanse of God’s creation.

Visitors to Storeyhouse will always remember Sugar as the first person to greet them at the door, and last one to say goodbye — often times pouting for hours when anyone familiar left.

She is survived by her parents in Alaska and two brothers who live in California.

Sugar will be gravely missed and we are all grateful to have known her. She was the best dog in the whole wide world and a really great companion.

Sugar “Wigglebutt” Storey — 1983-2004