For all of those who consider Microsoft the ultimate evil because they assimilate ideas from the little guy — consider what Aaron Swartz has to say:

“It’s interesting how much Apple is stealing, like great artists do. Sherlock 3 is Watson, the junk mail filter is SpamAssassin, Address Book and iCal look like Entourage cousins (not to mention SBook), Fast Finder was in SNAX or whatever it’s called, the Windows network viewer is DAVE, iChat is Adium, Backup is somewhat like Retrospect. I feel bad for the developers they’re stealing from (couldn’t they send them some cash with $4.2B in the bank?), but it’s clear that they will swallow any decent OS X apps.”

I haven’t sold my soul to Gates Inc., but Apple is no better than Microsoft as a corporation, and it certainly doesn’t warrant the blind devotion and religious fervor that the 5% give it.

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