Anaheim is crazy insane today with Angel’s World Series fever. I’ve never seen anything like it, at least in person.

The team was paraded around Main Street in Disneyland this morning and eventually made their way, down the road and in front of Edison International Field where a special stage and giant screens had been erected to display the victorious team.

On my way to work I noticed one or two news helicopters hovering around the stadium which is to be expected, I guess. That number grew as the hour neared 12 noon with the addition of five more news patrols and ten small planes tugging large banners asking people to buy auto parts and vote for Republican Bill Simmon for California Governor. It’s crazy, the FAA has to be in a panic with all these aircraft circling and hovering above thousands of people.

Hundreds of people are walking up and down the side streets next to the stadium. These normally sleepy roads have been transformed into pedestrian mega walk-ways with foot traffic on the scale of a New York City sidewalk. Red flags, red shirts, and red baseball caps are everywhere and on the street corners; vendors are selling rally monkeys and trinkets to help fans show their pride.

Red, red, red, everywhere you look, red.

Meanwhile there are blue collar and white collar fans driving around in pickups and BMWs next to each other, honking their horns as they circle the festivities. The younger crowd displays Angel’s glyphs written in white shoe polish all over their Acura Integras and Honda Preludes. They are honking horns too but it’s mostly to attract the female attention walking on the sidewalks.

All the while helicopters are zinging around at different altitudes like something you would see out of a Vietnam War movie. This imagery was intensified as loud booms where heard from the fireworks display set off in more celebration.

Yes today a normally quiet city has been transformed into an all day party. Later tonight the Angel’s owners will host a special party inside Disney’s California Adventure and I’m sure it won’t stop there.

I wish I could take pictures of this to help describe how wonderful and spectacular all of this is but it really has to been seen. There is just too much going on for one or two pictures to capture the scale of it all.

It’s just crazy.