Jeffrey Zeldman has been incredibly kind to compliment and link to this site a few times in the last month. Today I would like to share my 15 min. of fame with other websites that I think you should take a look at. These independents probably get more traffic than Airbag but I think they’re worth a mention. I came to these sites from the traffic logs and I am sure glad I found them.

Thinking Around the Corners by Kristian Walker, who is an art director, professor and freelance designer based in the heartland. Kristian recently motivated people to devote their blog entries to Dr. Suess on the author’s birthday and that was a lot of fun!

Jon Wiggens not only features some great humor and photos, but take a second to listen to Jon’s music. If you like Amon Tobin, then you’re gonna appreciate his work.

Naked Gremlin by David Chien, of Fray fame. David is a budding artist in the Houston area. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at SXSW and he gave me number 18 of his Card Project. Lovely portfolio of design and ideas.

Have a website you think people should know about? Hop aboard the Zeldman Traffic Train and rock our world.