“In The Long Road to War, FRONTLINE draws on more than 12 years of its reporting on Iraq to relate the history of the U.S. confrontation with Saddam Hussein. The two-hour special examines the mind and methods of Saddam, how the West armed Iraq, the origins of the first Gulf War and its ragged end, the frustrating effort to disarm Iraq through U.N. inspections, how Saddam survived efforts to undermine his power, and the long-standing effort by Washington hawks to remove him.”

“And in What’s Next for Iraq, NOW With Bill Moyers looks at the possible scenarios for Iraq’s future, including the relationship between the U.S. and Iraqi dissidents, and also considers the responsibility of the American media, particularly the major TV news networks, in covering the events of the past weeks and months leading up to war.”

Check your local listings for broadcast times.

I don’t foresee that this war will be like others and these two programs should help shed some light on the potential expectations that we (including citizens) might have to respond too. Better to be prepared than have your head in the sand.

As always the FRONTLINE website will have complete coverage plus additional reference materials.