Derek is to blame for so much blog discussion at SXSW. That sounds like it should best be said while standing in the back of a wagon looking over a group of angry hicks with pitchforks and torches.

Hurumph, hurumph!

I wasn’t exactly the panel/session type so I don’t know about you but I didn’t hear too much about blogs this year. Catholic Pictionary and dolphin milk, yes. Blogs, no.

Back in 2002 there was nothing but talk about blogs and how the independents had lived through the .bomb, emerging to take hold of the very medium they loved. I think someone made an effigy out of the sock puppet and burned it on sixth avenue but that came from a blog so who knows if it really happened or it was just the Honey Coated Sugar Smacks overdose rant of the author.

While I’m grumpy from waking up too early after a fourteen-hour work day I can’t hold back: What the hell is Craig Newmarks problem?

Now don’t run to the comments to bash me for all the good he’s done in the world, I get that already. Good. Fine. Wonderful.

Perhaps it’s because I’m Design Eye Alumni but his dead-pan-non-reaction to the excellent work the boys did for his baby had me wishing I had brought a cattle prod to SXSW (note to self: make hotel reservations earlier and bring a voltage wand).

I don’t think anyone was expecting, or even wishing for Craig to jump up, Harvey Birdman French Twist Style, and declare that humanity now has a new face but I didn’t think he would react like he would be happier wearing an orange jumpsuit on a sunny Caribbean isle.

It was a scene that would be a perfect bit in an episode of the Larry David Show.

Given Craig’s reaction, I think the presentation could have been made better if we were all sitting on really hard, musty furniture with dishes of hard candy (lightly coated with dust) in front of us and a grandfather clock reminding everyone of how slowly time goes by when you’re not having fun.

My hat is off to whomever it was who closed the session by making a point that it didn’t matter what Craig thought of the new design, that the decision was up the users.

One more thing, Andrei if you don’t comment to this post I’m so going to hack your site and put Adobe and Macromedia logos all over it. Not that too many people would notice. The last time you updated your site Clinton was in office. Yeah, I said it.