Since the start, this site has sported a homemade icon featuring a smiling President Nixon giving a big thumbs up living over the word: Vote!

It’s there because I am a big believer that all citizens should participate in democracy. And until the Chinese, Canadians, and South Americans divide this country into their own imperial colonies, I’ll openly advocate for citizens to participate in their own democracy.

For years the Declare Yourself website has done a great job of promoting this message. And I was happy to link to their initiative until a few days ago when I noticed their new feature video. In “The Message” a young nerd is seen laying in front of his computer, unbuttoning his shirt. Dialogue follows:

Hey America, welcome to my bedroom. I’m just about to register to vote. (5 minutes pass) Now stick around and you can watch me touch myself.”

Declare Yourself, I know there’s a writers strike going on but is that seriously the best you could do? Next time hold a writing contest and/or consider outsourcing your creative direction to China. Anything but this.

Look, we’re able to participate in free elections because a lot of men, women, and children lost their lives during wars to ensure we didn’t become someone’s little pet colony. Even more died over differences that haunt our country to this day but the United States and its democracy endured. Is that sappy? Maybe, but our forefather’s and grandfather’s heritage is one of the few characteristics we’ve still got going for us (Bush and his Lawless Band of Constitution Burners be damned).

Now I realize that Declare Yourself is targeted towards young people but this latest campaign is not one I can support or encourage, hell it’s not even funny. And so over the course of the next week or so I’m on the hunt for a new website wherein U.S. citizens can register to vote in national elections without having to watch a B-side actor in a wannabe Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement. Suggestions are welcome.