Thanks to Congress, the sun’s not quite up yet and the newspapers are being delivered like drive-by Molotov cocktails. Sometimes I consider what would happen if I laid down a spike-strip at the entrance to our little community. The paper might be a bit late but it sure would be nice not to have to wake up to the sounds of a choking engine, bad exhaust, and the loud angry thump of newspapers as they hit the pavement. I’m up way to early but that’s how it goes.

Hey, did John McCain really say the words: Tar baby? I guess when you sell out like he has the brain cells move on to another host. We’re so going to get screwed again in 2008.

It’s been one day and a week since our presentation in Austin, though feels like it was a month ago. We were supposed to have been a panel wherein participants carry on a conversation at the whim of a moderator. Oh well. The format we used was more about four people sharing individual stories with ideas, information, and inspiration. Based on the reactions I received from people at the event I think it worked well, thankfully — hopefully?

Of course this could have been the desired result from wearing a Joseph Abboud windowpane over french cuffs clasped with silver links of the state seal of Texas, topped off with the Robert Talbot pocket square. It’s all about misdirection.

I felt compelled to complain about SXSW getting way to big as others have already chimed in but after a few days I came to a different conclusion: It’s a business, not a club. That said I’m hoping that the vote-for-your-favorite-panel-crowd-wisdom-wizardry goes away. Good content/discussion is voted but fantastic content/discussion is curated. I’d like to see more of a TED approach with verticals of discussion based off themes not functions. In 2002 there was an Independents Day track that wandered through all types of sessions on content, design, and community. More please.

All that said, I missed bumping into a lot of people and that makes me sad. Me thinks we should all meet-up at Jim Coudal’s house sometime in August.

Weirdest moment in Austin: sharing a cab ride to the airport at 5AM with “Digital Dan” Dubno without knowing who he was. Halfway to the airport he started talking about his good friend Richard and speaking at TED a few times. I tried my best not to let my jaw hit the floor. The discussion turned more to design wherein I got in a few jabs on how Edward Tufte is great designer, if you need to graph statistics with spark lines. Wurman’s work is way more appropriate for online designers to study.

Best comment directed at me in Austin: You’re not as interesting in person as you are through your blog. Brilliant!

Also, the Writing, Better website is starting to take shape and it will be published when it’s really good and manageable. I don’t know how some people find the time to create fully polished branded websites before getting to Austin. Maybe I should quit the day job.