Yesterday, while tinkering with Google Analytics, it was brought to my attention that the company continues to expand their catalog of tools that, while useful, also gather more and more data, which includes personal information: where we browse to, how much email we receive and where it’s coming from, who we instant message with, where we shop, what we buy, what we search for, and now, who comes to our websites.

If the government were to provide these tools it would certainly have a big brother taint to it.

I don’t really believe that anyone at Google brainstorms ways to gather massive amounts of data and then use it for malicious purposes but dammit soylent green is people and Google is getting more and more into the business of processing, storing, and analyzing all of the data of our lives. It’s only a matter of time before the multi-national, multi-billion dollar company grows beyond the honor code they live by now and beyond any controls imposed by governments (see Microsoft anti-trust lawsuit).

Science-fiction continues to become science-fact at amazing pace and while this incredible growth rate has provided some truly wonderful tools and services it also applies to the chaotic themes of the genre. Remember, Skynet, WOPR, The Machines, etc. were all created to benefit man but evolved into brilliant antagonist hell bent on man’s destruction.

Hopefully Google still believes in not being “evil”, but just as the Wired article says: “It’s inevitable that a company of Google’s size and influence will have to compromise on purity.”

Ok, enough of that, it’s time to Google keyword “decaf” and keyphrase “increasingly large lack of intelligence at FOX when it comes to television programming”.