How in the hell does North Korea’s nuclear agenda come as a shock to the government? They are part of the Axis of Evil, enemy numero uno, the worst scum on the planet! If there was an America’s Most Wanted Evil Countries, John Walsh would have already run like eleven shows about North Korea.

We have the most sophisticated spy technology money and American ingenuity can create. So why did our intelligence community just get caught with their pants down?

Does the CIA even know where North Korea is anymore?

Hey guys, its a little up and to the right of Iraq. No, Tokyo is not in North Korea, you went to far, go a little left. No Vietnam is not Korea, yes they are Communist too but they are too busy drinking Pepsi and eating Kentucy Fried Chicken to build weapons of mass descruction that target freedom loving people.

I have to confess that neither Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Il scare me as much as the mess that seems to have become the United States. Well, the French scare the bejebus out of me but that’s another discussion for another time.

So what’s going on with President Bush and Co.? Why is the United States not so concerned with how many aluminum rods North Korea has on stock? Why do Korean men have names like Kim? Does Osama vacation in North Korea?

Either our leadership is playing the most brilliant hand of poker in the world of international politics or the new Rome is about to rise and fall within one administration.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a lot worse out there than I really want to believe.

UPDATE: From the New York Times — “But why are we going after a lunatic in Iraq for planning to make a bomb and not a lunatic in North Korea who already has bombs?” the Boy asked.

“At the end of the day,” Perle replied, his voice dripping with patience for his student, “Iraq is an easy kill.”

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