I can’t believe Bush Jr. went to London. It has to be one of the most awkward moments in U.S. Presidential history. And it can’t be fun for him, seriously, who’s he going to wave to and smile when his motorcade army escorts him around England? Not the people hanging his effigy or the gazillion other protestors who would like nothing more than to get him off their soil and out of their lives.

And what was Tony Blair thinking? He’s not exactly out of hot water so why bring his American, war mongering, college roommate home? Did he think once people got to know George Jr. they would see that he’s really a nice guy? Talk about flipping the bird on your country.

This whole trip is like a giant nails on the chalkboard session, industrial strength salt on an open gut wound, or the design of the new ‘color’ twenty dollar bill.

Yeah, it’s that bad.