When web 3.0 comes out it better have the following or I’m going to be pissed:

  • Lasers.
  • Buffalo rides for a quarter.
  • Prisoner re-runs on SciFi.
  • Words that start with a silent X.
  • Badminton zip-zap action.
  • The ability to re-route power from auxiliary sources to a primary function.
  • W3C sanctioned user validation (Why are we letting the mouth breathers steer the ship? Web 3.0 will require an intelligence test to drive, sorry Arkansas you can use Gopher)
  • A five year sentence of hard, Oz-like, time for using the colors pink and light blue together with any word — real or made up — that ends in the word ‘r’.
  • S-words.
  • Field trips, lots of them.
  • Textmate that works with anti aliased fonts.
  • Monkey Helpers on the Plane.
  • Asynchronous Javascript and XML through calculator watches.
  • Parachute pants (red).
  • A national holiday.