I’m happy to hear that no matter what new and monumental dangers we face in the war on terrorism, our moral standards are being held to the highest degree against those who would seek to serve our country.

Who does Micheal Kostiw think he is, trying to climb the ladder of success in our most prominent line of defense with a criminal record?

The man named by the new CIA director for the third- highest position at the agency said on Monday he would not take the job following reports that he was caught shoplifting more than two decades ago.

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that Kostiw was caught shoplifting when he previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency in 1981.<

Never mind that the man who holds the highest position in our government, the freaking Leader of the Free World, has a questionable military record, was arrested for drinking and driving, and is known to have had a long standing love affair with cocaine and alcohol.

Maybe if Michael had only smoked a pound of opium instead of going for the five-finger-discount he’d be in a corner office right about now.

Shoplifting is a crime people! Seriously, it is the worst kind of domestic terrorism — don’t let anyone tell you any different.