Latte Induced Thinking.

  1. Jon Wiggens is back from the alter with new photos of life around Copenhagen (see Digital Memories). Wonderful subject matter with vivid colors combine to make this link trip necessary. Besides, it’s Friday, what are you gonna do; crunch to meet a deadline? Pfftt. Click the link and go see another world. Make sure you leave Jon a kind note.

  2. The same moron who designed the Toyota Celica must have also created the Pontiac Aztec, one damn ugly vehicle that makes the Gremlin look like a classic. And what’s with the people who actually chose to purchase and drive this vehicle? Were they thinking this car would make them look good (beer goggles)? I’m filing this as just another reason not to smoke crack.

  3. Big Trouble is finally here! Originally scheduled for an October release, this adaptation of a Dave Barry book was postponed because the bad guys sneak a nuclear bomb onto a plane and Disney execs didn’t think that would go over well so close to September 11. But don’t let that stop you from having fun because the all star cast includes Dennis Farina and any movie with Lt. Michael Torello from Crime Story gets my $8.50.

  4. In effort not to hear anything more about the Middle East I hope to seek refuge in Disneyland over the weekend. Spring Break visitors should be returning home by then so the park will be nice and empty. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go Disneyland any time, any day, but waiting for an hour in lines that normally take 5 minutes gets to be a pain. That said, there’s nothing like a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean to forget the troubles of the world. Yo Ho.