There is a good reason for my absence in the last few weeks, even though my wife doesn’t think so. I, like everyone else in the world, have created my own Weblog Content Management System.

It used to be that just writing a decent entry was enough to get a mention here and there, but these days unless you’re launching a mini software company on the side then, well you’re nothing, completely unlinkable.

Today I am very proud to introduce Movabletiep X (MiX), a content management system for weblogs that is so advanced that Apple has already opted to buy the appplication for their next version of Quicktime.

MiX is the most stable and pleassurable weblog environment that mankind has ever used. It is truly revolutionary and will probably change the world as did the television and radio.

Built using tried and true technologies, I “re-engineered” the code from all of the best blog software currently available.

Blue/Interface — Mix will be fully compatible with Macintosh and Windows via the Netscpae 4.67 interface that was specially created by myself and a round-the-clock engineer group at Netscape. More importanty, with MiX, Nintendo Gamecube players will now be able to blog and share their favorite game codes, screen captures, and software via our beautiful liquid-like user interface also known as Auga (that’s spanish for water).

Yellow/”Re-Engineered” — MiX is born from the leading “best of” category in current weblog software. As God made Eve from Adam, so has MiX been made from all the cool features of these applications. My lawyer says that if you want more information about this layer please get a hold of him.

Green/Core Languages & OS — The mean-and-lean engine that runs all of the key MiX features. These languages and operating systems were selected for their performance underwater, in heavy “cyberspace” traffic conditions, and stability while driven through Death Valley. Each held up in their own way but when combined together, as they have been in MiX, the result is unstoppable.

Red/Kernal — The heart of MiX is called Buddah. It is a combination of an Open Source Karma and all the Google API tweaks I could find on Buddah gives MiX the pulse that drives the whole bus.

Keep checking back for more information, screenshots, and non-disclosure-agreements.

But for today, to celebrate this wonderful achievement, I’ve produced some wonderful Official Shutterthumb Desktops! Enjoy!