I feel bad for those people who have weather a storm of the century but I also feel a bit frustrated with my fellow countrymen and their lack of sanity.

For most of my life, I have lived within the Ring of Fire, an imaginary ring on land and in the ocean that follows along the edges of giant tectonic plates that grind against each other to produce earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Thankfully I have yet to endure any sort of monster natural disaster but there have been enough quake in my time to feel a little edgy when the ground starts to rattle. And when that happens I’m looking for the safest place to seek refuge.

Unlike hurricanes and typhoons you don’t have the connivence of warning, of any kind. It just happens and you have seconds to react. Sure, it would be great if the local weatherman tacked on a little earthquake forecast report onto his job description but the science isn’t there yet.

So It upsets the hell out of me when I see people stranded in homes and hotels because they did not leave town despite everyone, including God Almighty, telling them to evacuate. When the weatherman is showing a giant swirling storm heading your way and it’s composed of reds, orange and yellow colors (the kind that mean death can and will follow) how can a person just shrug? Are there really that many mouth breathers in the Gulf Coast area?

I have little sympathy for those who chose to weather the storm because they had done so in the past and ignored two full days of warnings of demise. Two. Full. Days. These people are part of the same sub-family of humanoids that keep building their homes on and under hillsides in regions that have a history of collapsing here in Southern California.

It’s senseless, stupid, and selfish. Now those of us who had nothing to do with their faulty decision making process will be asked to pitch in to help these people who have, at best, a poor lack of sense. Top it off with looting and shooting at the same people who are putting their own lives at risk to rescue them.

This isn’t simple for me to write. My wife and I know an older couple who live in the French Quarter. They chose to weather the storm and have not been heard from since and no one knows of their fate. It’s sad to know that they may have passed but how much more of a warning did they need?

I’m sure there are a many cases where people where not able to evacuate for health or wealth reasons and to those persons I have nothing but compassion and empathy. As well the thoughts and prayers of the Storey family go out to the hundreds of thousands of people who are now displaced, maybe permanently.

For those persons I hope and pray for an end to their suffering and anguish and wish for a speedy return to a normal life. If that can ever be called normal again.