Liberal Media.

  1. Matrix Reloaded is somehow better seen at home. And It’s all about the car chase baby.

  2. The Strategic Humor Initiative sounded really swell on this morning’s Morning Edition. Sadly it didn’t come close to delivering many laughs. Note to self, satire doesn’t always work across borders.

  3. The Office – Season One is now available in finer stores. Let’s hope it’s better than the aforementioned program.

  4. Frontline’s season premiere details the hunt for a sleeper terrorist cell in the United States.

  5. There are way too many great games coming this holiday season. Not even Santa’s got the bling for that kind of retail.

  6. And while it would be good wholesome nerdy fun to hang with the dorks at the Panther party next Friday, I’ll wait and buy it for half price on Saturday. Ah the benefits of being married to a hot coed.

  7. The Producers is far, far better on stage than on film. Mel Brooks is a comic genius and broadway is lucky to have him. Also, live performances make web design somehow seem like a variant of wood shop.

  8. Okay weblogs are starting to get a little old. It’s time to evolve the web and continue forward. Personal publishing is great, but it’s time for someone to unveil the next greatest thing.

  9. Emusic why have you forsaken us all?

  10. I inherited a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, but by the time I open the door in the morning, it’s already old news. What a waste.