It’s my understanding that drug users sometimes have flashbacks that cause them to hallucinate and do unexplainable, unimaginable things. So when a friend told me to go see the new Technorati website and it finished loading, the first thing that came to mind was that drug users with a Jolly Rancher fetish are now in control of the bus.

Technorati is a blog discussion search/indexing engine, or that’s what I had been made to believe. This new magically-delicious site would have me believe it’s the next social app of the future…future…future…future. I kept looking for a way to “Digg” blogs and blog posts but found nothing. I’m guessing that by the time the redesign project got to that phase it was time for the munchies. I could be way off here and this is merely an homage to early Web 2.0 design circa early 2005 — an inside-joke or way to get free publicity with headlines like: “What hath Technorati become?” or “MyYahoorati?”.

I don’t see any real additional functionality that would warrant this work, it’s just a white-trash skin job that brings blog avatars front and center in an application where having avatars don’t really make sense in the first place. In a world that could use a better blog topic search engine, Technorati would be better suited to allocate it’s time and energy on that key service rather than try to be something it’s not.

There was nothing wrong with Powazek’s design. It was unique to the brand where this new design does nothing to make the site stand out from the plethora of Web 2.dough crap out there. Then again, I’m reminded of that bizwhiz formerly from Seattle who preaches that bad design sells. I’m not up for drinking that Kool-Aid just yet but it would seem that David Sifry slammed the Dixie cup and donned the purple jumpsuit.