#breakingthelaw / Can I use fonts and stock art products in an NFT (non-fungible token)?

Though I have little interest in NFTs, I thought this question and answer were intriguing. YouWorkforThem says the short answer is “yes.”

However, you need to be sure to purchase the correct license extensions for the type of use you want to mint. For instance, you would need to purchase the “Items for Resale” extension for any Stock Art items you use. If the NFT is a video that is streamed on the internet, any font license would need to be extended for that use, etc. And as always, you would need to alter or incorporate Fonts or Stock Art into some new form before simply selling them as is.

Interesting. NFTs are more than digital art, as I’ve seen host most people explain them, they are a form of software. Now I wonder what an audit would produce in terms of NFT copyright violators. I haven’t looked at what’s out there for sales, but I imagine a digital version of Canal Street with tables full of little, animated pictures.