#hal / ChatGPT Will Disrupt McKinsey Before it Disrupts Google.

Greg Larkin shares an interesting insight on the future of companies like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Company. Or as he calls them, the “Term Paper Industry.

ChatGPT will emerge as a viable first draft for people who need better answers than what the Term Paper Industry historically offers. I believe that when they seek an outside perspective for a complex problem they will build a baseline hypothesis of the current state using Chat GPT, and will then pressure test the results by seeking out the actual ‘experts’ whose insights stem from years of hard-earned trial and error. This will lead to defections from the term paper companies. These defections will first be small, but will then become large and irreversible, and eventually lead to large scale fragmentation in management consulting, and investment banking.

Using AI to generate a hypothesis of the current state is intriguing, especially if it’s paired with design labeled (I’m totally rolling my eyes as I type this) practices like “design research” and “design thinking.”