#arialwisdom / Dave switches back to Mac.

After years of living and computing in a deep underground cave, Dave emerged unsatisfied by his Windows experiences and purchased a new M1 MacBook. And the totally comes out swinging with these two insults of macOS.

I miss Segoe. Probably going to offend some type nerds here, but San Francisco is too squatty. I also find macOS’ 1× type rendering pales in comparison to Windows’ type rendering. Type looks great on 2× but at 1× it’s too bold and looks like a lossy JPEG.

Ok, I might have to give him the bit about San Francisco because I’m not a huge fan either, but his comment about type rendering on Windows? Are you kidding me?! By the Nine Sons of Blind Poppycock! Windows renders type in the same way unaccountable government employees spray paint letters to form words on streets. And I’m pretty sure kerning doesn’t exist in Windows.