#believe / Everyone needs some Ted Lasso in their lives.

I found myself nodding in constant agreement with every statement Miles Surrey made about Ted Lasso, a new television program that debuted earlier this year on Apple TV+.

There have been plenty of good shows this year, and most of my favorites (Better Call Saul, ZeroZeroZero, Gangs of London) don’t quite renew one’s faith in humanity—frankly, they feel like appropriate 2020 viewing all the more for it. But no series I’ve watched this year has been more rewarding, on an emotional level, than Ted Lasso. I mean this sincerely: The show has struck an optimistic chord in my increasingly cynical heart and made me want to be a better person.

Ted Lasso was a blessing for Kitchen Storey and me this year. It is a program that entertained and made you feel like maybe the world might end up in an okay place. And perhaps it will if we can get more people to hang their guard on the coat rack and listen to what Ted has to say about life, peanut butter, and teamwork.