#journalism / How the Journalism Competition Bill would allow publishers in the U.S. to collectively bargain with Facebook and Google.

A bill that could allow news publishers to collectively negotiate with Google and Facebook was re-introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on March 10. Some news publishers have been clamoring for return of the legislation, which is more timely than ever since the platforms both recently clashed with lawmakers in Australia over media deal bargaining and both face antitrust scrutiny from as far and wide as Washington, D.C., Texas and the U.K.

If passed, the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act would allow news publishers to work together to establish distribution and payment deals with digital platforms that have at least one billion global monthly users.

What a delightful surprise to find this story in my feed reader this morning. A bi-partisan bill to support journalism’s relationship with “digital platforms that have at least one billion global monthly users.” Not just the big players, but all publishers. This also includes “television and radio news outlets.”

I hope some folks in the LexBlog universe will write about this soon.