#writing / I got 99 grammar problems and Oxford commas ain't one.

You’re going to want to bookmark this handy reference. An English grammar reference guide written based on data gathered by the AI-powered tool, Writer.

One of the questions our subscribers ask most, whether they’re proofreading pros or full-time students, is how they can avoid the most common grammar mistakes. In this list, we outline some of the most common grammatical errors we’re seeing, based on millions of data points from Writer subscribers.

My favorite of the list, Run on Sentences:

Contrary to popular belief run-on sentences aren’t necessarily long they simply occur when commas and/or other types of punctuation are missing like this.

My second favorite, the list of “7 major types of grammatical errors” that’s actually ten. I’m not sure if that’s an AI joke or not, but the information is super helpful none-the-less.