#freddielives / MailChimp's 2020 Annual Report—not a fan.

I have and will always be a fan of MailChimp, but this latest expression of their brand is too much. Before you click the link, take a restroom break, grab a beverage, tell your co-workers you won’t see them for a while because it takes forever to get through.

My biggest gripe is that there are points in this story where I should be able to click-through to the thing being presented, but there are no hyperlinks. For example, near the beginning, there is a yellow newsstand promoting Courier, the small business magazine MailChimp purchased earlier this year. In this promotion, three of the top stories are called out, yet I can’t click on any of them.

This means I can’t share any of the content—this report is like a six-foot blog post made up of one run-on sentence. It’s a shame because there are some really great stories about how their service is enabling companies to do their best work. Comicbook form storytelling has always been a part of the Mailchimp brand, but I preferred it when they just sent out actual comic books instead of producing an HTML based cartoon.