#ebike / Observations from 4,500 miles on an ebike—and why you should get one already.

Suffice to say, Colin O’Keefe has earned every mile of his point-of-view on ebikes. And he shares quite a few thoughts on ditching you car for an electric bike including this bullet point:

The very biggest part of this, something that’s impossible to put into words is this—it’s more fun. It’s way more fun than driving. If you need to do four different errands in your neighborhood, and you do it in a car, it’s torture. Whipping a bike to all four spots? The opposite. There is no feeling like going to a huge sporting event in which your team wins and cruising out into the night by bike. The only downside is you’re gonna hate driving even more than before.

I love my Vanmoof, but I already have my eye on the next bike, the all carbon-fiber LeMond Prolog. Check out the Wired interview, Greg LeMond and the Amazing Candy-Colored Dream Bike.