#football / The night Spurs fans had enough.

The Athletic—a new magazine to me—reports what you can’t see or hear on television: A lot, like, a lot of severely pissed off fans who are tired of a growing catalog of mistakes.

That feeling of disconnect coursed through the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday night. Many supporters don’t feel like this is their club anymore, a sentiment that has been bubbling away for some time but has come rising to the surface in the wake of seismic events like Pochettino’s sacking, Mourinho’s hire and membership of the doomed and loathed Super League. And then short-term triggers, such as dismal home defeats such as the humbling by United.

What can Levy [the team’s majority owner] do to turn the tide? Does he sack the head coach four months after his appointment? Does Paratici take the hit for a head coach hire that looks increasingly misguided?

There aren’t easy answers to the issues facing Levy and Spurs.

I am new to this sport, but since when is anything in the Premier League easy? It’s not that the ownership hasn’t tried new tactics or spent money a lot of money on coaches or, you know, a brand new, billion-pound stadium. Rather, I think they need a new algorithm to help them make better decisions.