#googleinprint / The Year in Search magazine.

Just received an email notification about this publication. “A collaboration between _Pop-Up Magazine_’s Brand Studio and Google. It’s the print magazine extension of Google’s Year in Search campaign” which explains the PDF format. More from Pop-Up:

For the Year in Search magazine, we enlisted experts, artists, writers, scientists, photographers, and big thinkers to help make sense of this unforgettable year. They introduce us to their beloved dogs (page 20) and challenge us to rethink our relationship to the planet (page 42). We’re invited to taste a special bowl of noodles in Linghua (Lily) Qi’s kitchen (page 10) and sit in a barbershop chair for much more than a haircut (page 32). Each of these stories surprised us and moved us in its own way. Looking back on a year filled with unprecedented crises and systemic conflicts, we found stories of resilience, humor, community, and creativity.

I love collaborations like this and wish there were more.