#typography / "This font hurts my eyes."

Earlier today Twitter unveiled a redesign that includes the first custom typeface called “Chirp.” The typeface is the work of Grilli Type and features “rounded tittles and punctuation introduce a humanist character.” The typeface seems like a good fit for Twitter relatively new brand look and feel—a full color riff on 80s zine and skate culture vibe. What caught my eye about this thread is not the work but the immediate negative response from everyday folks complaining about the legibility and accessibility of the typeface.

[I’m] a person with migraines, poor vision, and a neurological condition that affects my ability to read text. This font is really inaccessible.

I wasn’t seeing the problem until a few more long scrolls down I came across a tweet with imagery that shows what I presume everyone is complaining about, an illegible typeface that is super difficult to read and looks like “blobs.” It clear that the typeface unveiled is not what these folks are seeing, but it’s a big problem none-the-less.

Within hours someone tweeted a response that contains instructions and javascript that disables the custom typeface.