# stupidity / Thousands of children are going to hell because a priest used the wrong word.

As if the world doesn’t have enough bullshit going on now a bunch of parents are scrambling to save their child’s soul. And a good man is shamed into quitting his job and his role in the community.

A Catholic priest in Arizona has resigned after he was found to have performed baptisms incorrectly throughout his career, rendering the rite invalid for thousands of people.

The Catholic Diocese of Phoenix announced on its website that it determined after careful study that the Rev. Andres Arango had used the wrong wording in baptisms performed up until June 17, 2021. He had been off by a single word.

During baptisms in both English and Spanish, Arango used the phrase “we baptize you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” He should have said “I baptize,” the diocese explained.

Does this sound like a What Would Jesus Do moment to you? Religion is so stupid.