#film / Who is the best Bond?

Delayed Gratification magazine ranks the Bonds. It is one of many infographics presented in their upcoming book, An Answer For Everything. Ranked by a number of data points that includes box office revenue and the number of martinis consumed during the film. Though it makes for an amusing chart this has to be the very worst way to rank the character. I would have loved to seen the same infographic driven by quantitative correlated with qualitative data. For example: Don’t rank the Bonds by how many martinis they consumed but add user sentiment on who portrayed the better imbiber and who would you prefer to hang with during an all-nighter.

Related: The next James Bond film will be Daniel Craig’s last. Vogue magazine jumps the gun with a look at, no less than, 17 contenders to fill the role in the future. If you’ll recall, Daniel Craig was a very controversial choice when he was announced. Kinda frumpy and decidedly blonde, his image didn’t exactly fit the casting mold the Broccoli family protected for so long. I hope that they’ll continue to shake things up by daring to evolve the character and the franchise further. Daniel Kaluuya would make an awesome 007, but giving Lashana Lynch the license to kill would be extremely explosive. Not only on film but to the many glass ceilings in the film industry.