Make It So.

The time for Star Trek cinema should come to an end. Abruptly if possible.

Star Trek Nemesis is proof positive that Paramount and much of the Star Trek alumni (Shatner, Spinner, Frakes, etc.) have run out of new ideas that are worthy of the money and time it takes to produce a good film.

Fortunately this does not signal, nor do I suggest, that the franchise is dead. Paramount is missing the boat by not moving away from film and in the direction of selling the opportunity to live in the Star Trek Universe.

The trademark should run, not walk, towards inhabiting the virtual realm where Joe Fanboy can work and play. And for this privilege he will pay $9.95 a month to explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Most of the work has already been completed. The franchise has over forty years of universe development already completed. This includes entire languages, star charts, ship schematics, etc. The hardest part would be where to start the game and how people would be selected to serve on the Enterprise (highest bidder).

Who needs the expensive, political, knife-in-back movie industry when a massive multiplayer online role playing game will provide a monthly revenue stream for the corporation while giving the fans what they have always wanted, the chance to really become the Klingon they dress up as for the Star Trek Con ever year.