Lets recap the last few weeks so we can get over this latest long and awkward pause.

I’ve almost convinced myself that the humans who “played” and “coached” soccer for the United States were impersonators placed there by the Bush administration in an effort to ease tensions with partner nations in the Coalition of the Willing — that has to be it. Meanwhile the real team has been locked away in Area 51.

After weeks of planning and negotiation, Airbag has signed a very large contract with Lexblog to provide web strategy and production management services. The impact that this will have on the future of my corporation marks a milestone that I look forward to reminiscing about years from now. There will be other, related, announcements made in the near future.

This morning I was notified, yet again, that my friends and I have won at Blingo. So far this month has brought six iTunes gift certificates and some cash (thanks Jeff). I think it’s time they just started giving me Class-C stock in the company instead of these door prizes. I could play the part of Bill Shatner and spew into the camera: Search net lingo, Search with Blingo.

The soccer thing is still pissing me off. Grrr.

The Wall Street Journal now appears at my door each weekday morning. I love the tactile feel, smell, and sound of using a newspaper. Devouring a newspaper used to be reserved for the weekends but I’m going to take the WSJ challenge and see if it really has an impact on my business like the commercials claim. If not I’m going to call Jessica and tell her that my newspaper is broken.

Last weekend I spent a total of sixteen hours in a car to go there and back. Sometime in the middle of this road trip we attended a wedding the likes which I had yet to witness. I’ve heard of theme weddings but something about renaissance costumes under direct sunlight in one-hundred and ten degree heat wasn’t supper-happy-fun-time. That said it was a wedding and I’m happy for the couple. And no, I was not in period garb but I did consider showing up as a Stormtrooper and then pretend not to have received the memo about Medieval Times. Two more weddings to go.

I was hoping that Ghana would pull off a miracle yesterday and defeat Brazil. While they didn’t win, Ghana played with zeal and it has been one of the better games of this Cup, so far.

The Volkswagen Touareg makes for a great road trip vehicle. It’s too bad VW can’t make their products sell better in the US market. I think Josh is right, they need to bring in more of their European line to the States.

My Tivo has done a piss-pour job of recording every World Cup game. I’m paying this thing good money to record television programming but it’s doing the work of a large plate warmer. Fortunately California is an “at-will” state so when I go to fire Tivo I won’t have to worry about a lawsuit. I have an impressive application from a Mac mini and I’m thinking of giving it the job.

Flooding sucks. Who gave water the ability to smart-mob an area anyway? In hindsight I think that was a bad idea.