Maple Bar.

Bon Voyage! I’m off to explore strange mysteries, eat waffles, and watch curling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

American school children: It’s just north of Seattle and that’s in Washington (no not Washington DC) which can be found in the upper left of any map of the United States.

If photos, Dean Allen, and MacGuyver do it any justice, Vancouver is a beautiful modern city with old traditions working inside wonderful, new architecture.

Home to Neuromancer author William Gibson, Vancouver is what Anchorage, Alaska wishes it could be. It’s what Seattle should be, a clean city with friendly people who aren’t trying to beat the yellow light at intersections.

Another wonderful feature about Canada is that it’ mostly harmless and thus out of the scope of wicked people who would seek to do mass destruction. Indeed no one would ever here the cry, “Canada is the great white Satan” for everyone loves our neighbors in the North.

Hell we kept giving them gold medals in the Olympics, we liked them just that much! Well, okay they did rock our world in Hockey and their team uniforms were way cooler than ours.

So my fellow American’s have fun this Labor Day Weekend with your Budwiser, Pre-Season Football, and traffic jams inspired by people too afraid to fly, I’m off for adventure, relaxation, and a maple bar.