I am an impatient man. Perhaps no different than any other Y chromosome person but feedback from my immediate peer group suggests otherwise. I can see the forest through the trees. I see clearly the opportunity that is at our collective doorstep. I see the solution that will end client woes. I can see how money works in a way unfathomable just twelve months ago. I can see how you get from point A to point Z but I have little patience for the process and time it takes. I am no different than most people but that does little to settle the tide of frustration that ebbs and floes within my being.

My friends, my business partners, my co-workers often suggest that we are on a normal course but I see a sea to conquer, a divide to cross, a path to success so clear in my mind that it’s already happened. It’s possible this is my Achilles heel but I’ll be damned if I let complacency set in.

Success favors those who take risks no matter how big or small. And while there are many, many steps between failure and success I see it all happen at once, ending only in total success. Of course failure is an option but to dwell on such thoughts is to give in. The loss is merely a form of surrender that we are all born and raised with but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am an impatient man and I know I am not alone.

There was a time when our employers, global markets, and credit ratings helped persuade a better path forward but enough is enough and we have to see past thirty, sixty, or ninety days. When we are older we’ll talk to tomorrow’s youth and encourage them to follow in our foot steps that, at this time, seemed like walking with anvils crashing on our heads.

Lets conquer 2012 together and make it a point in time when we can all look back and agree that’s when it all really began.