Here is the Steve-Jobs-hates-buttons (more like he has declared fatwa on buttons) story in short:

The iPhone is…part of a decades-long campaign by Mr. Jobs against a much broader target: buttons.

The new Apple cellphone famously does without the keypads that adorn its rivals. While many technology companies load their products up with buttons, Mr. Jobs treats them as blemishes that add complexity to electronics products and hinder their clean aesthetics.

So the iPhone doesn’t have buttons—buttons are the Great Satan.

Fine. Super. Dandy. That’s great.

Look, when I can wave my hand over the screen to unlock the device and then call people by clinching my hand into a fist and then pointing all five fingers into the air then I’ll be impressed.

And when I can mind control the person I’m talking to by waving said hand in a horizontal, left-to-right motion then I’ll be even more impressed, like write-home-to-mom impressed.

Touchscreen be damned, lets not get all pat-on-the-back yet, there is still a lot of work to make this a technology miracle. Aside from the aforementioned missing features, I tried to use two iPhones as a hover-skates only to find that functionality has yet to be installed. And why am I still having to light cigars with a lighter or use a separate device to crack open lobster?

Minimalist indeed.