Martha Stewart.

To this day I am still dumbfounded by those citizens who don’t participate in elections. I like to call them asshats.

I believe electing leaders (those persons who raise taxes, lower taxes, and spend it all on things like war and redistricting) is pretty important stuff. Yet each year more than half of this nation finds other things to do with their time.

So maybe a little greed will help. Combine capitalism and democracy and you get this:

Presidential Market 2004 — an online game in which players buy and sell “shares” of the major 2004 presidential candidates. If you finish on Election Day with one of the two highest-valued portfolios — by executing savvy trades throughout the primaries and general election campaign — you’ll win a trip to the inauguration next January.Now I don’t care if you’re a gun touting, tobacco chewing, red neck or a bleeding heart, ACLU card carrying liberal, this just sounds like a great idea. Forget this primary and caucus crap, why should a handful of states get to decide who are candidates are? Let’s turn on the market and watch the monkey’s dance for a few months while the entire nation has access to the Buy and Sell options.