So, Benard (WorldCom) Ebbers gets twenty-five years in the big house. Hazzah!

Perhaps our system of justice isn’t broken after-all, unless of course, there’s a celebrity on the stand, then jurors tend to forget their heads.

It’s too bad the judge didn’t round up and make it an even thirty but knowing that Ebbers will soon be sporting a Gitmo tuxedo is good news indeed. Hopefully, this is only the first in a string of successful prosecutions of others who thought it was ok to bend the law in their favor, causing strife and financial ruin for hundreds of thousands of people.

Ken Lay you’re next asshat. If I were you, I would start sucking up to your future boyfriend, I mean cell-mate, Bernie. Or you could go OJ and start a police chase to Neverland where you might try to claim political asylum.

In either case Kenneth, it will not end well for you.