Master Chief.

While I am, and continue to be, an advocate for voting it’s hard not to be super cynical about these political party conventions. Cable news says that these events are important for the party to unleash it’s “message” to the American people but it really seems more like a self absorbed reason to bash the other party, watch highlights of former party glory, release lots and lots of balloons, and in general have a good time with liquor and hookers.

I especially like how members of the party of inclusion, these champions of civil rights, are sipping Manhattans on the convention floor while protesters try to exercise their First Amendment rights behind the walls of a makeshift parking lot prison — and they are the lucky ones, some were told by the government to go home.

Unfortunately these self-stroking events do nothing more than create mounds of useless meta data about useless meta data. Nothing of any real value hell, it’s not even entertaining. At least the Soviets knew how to hold party conventions — military parades and all. What’s not to get excited when you get to see the latest in ICBMs rolling down the Big Dig?

I used to think that this is where a third party could help but now I see that it would only create another 33.333% more of this crap every four years. Although it’s likely the Green Party would forgo a big concrete building in favor of planting some trees, making clothes out of hemp and hold a candle light vigil for something.

Already my head is beyond this crap and well into November. I mean It’s not like the upcoming debates are going to amount to anything more than a cable news version of tic-tack-toe. Don’t get me wrong, this election is important but tonight I’m looking more forward to November 9th, the day we all get to finally play Halo 2.