It takes a lot of work, dedication, and many long hours to successfully run a periodical of any kind, printed or online. The work is even harder when the effort is not backed by major amounts of cash that can buy things like people who can help shorten the work load (assuming you’re not hiring mouth breathers) and put out a better product.

That’s why independent publications like A List Apart, The Morning News, and FILE Magazine are so special, unique, and well worth the patronage.

Add the physical layer of print to this mix and the workload increases — anyone who has ever had to use Quark Xpress will have a story or two that is best shared over a stiff drink and a hug. I myself can’t stand Quark and think it’s a pile of crap that snake-oil salesmen somehow convinced the world is a great desktop publishing application. Indesign where it’s at.

I digress.

Dealing with print is just as difficult as having to deal with cross-platform browser web standards, if not more. Add to that the stress of managing writers, editors, etc. and it gets tough. Just ask the Powazek’s what it’s like creating JPG magazine — I’m sure it’s very rewarding but I can assure you it’s no spring picnic.

Sadly the harsh winter cold of print design has taken it’s toll. Editor and publisher Andy Arikawa has decided to close up shop at Design In-Flight, a design publication that was superior to many found in stores.

I’m sorry to see DIF go but I understand and wish Andy the very best.

Thankfully back issues are still available. If you don’t have them already, quit reading Airbag, grab your credit card and go.

update: Andy has had a change of heart and Design In-Flight is back with a new website and format.