I enjoy podcasts, on those occasions when I have time to role play a radio station manager. Most of the programs I listen to are no more than five minutes long (Meet the Press is the longest at fifty-plus minutes) and when they are done I don’t necessarily want to hear the previous episodes. So I’m forced to go back into iTunes and play the next newly downloaded program.

What I really want is a way to structure or schedule my subscriptions in a way that allows me to play these programs without needing to manually manage the process — thereby creating my own public broadcasting station (sans the bi-annual membership drives). To date I have not found a way to do this.

I would love an application, web based or not, that would let me prioritize the listening order of all of my podcast subscriptions à la Tivo’s recording priority. Each day this app would provide a way, either through a larger file or a streaming feed, to play back these programs back-to-back in the priority I’ve arranged. Add more cowbell and this program would include chapters so that I can skip back and forth between programs.

Maybe this already exists and I just haven’t heard about it yet or I need to get Ryan cranking on a new application, he’s been milking it lately anyway.

Also, this entry has been edited no less than fifty-four times. Switching to decaf is now on the to-do list.