In response to the disintegrating scene in New Orleans, Kevin points out that email, faxes, and phone calls are needed — not just money.

All it takes is for you, and others you can reach by email or blog, to contact your two senators and congressperson and demand immediate action as begged for by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. When Mayor Nagin was asked how we can help, he said contact your Senators and Congressperson now. Here is a site you can just click on your state or put in your zip code to reach a link for a form email to go to your Senators and Congressperson. If you do not have time to do an email, use the one I give you below.

Please take 5 minutes:- Email your Senators and your Congressperson(s)

  • What to say? Use your own words or cut and paste this: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin needs the federal government’s help today. He has told me through the media that people are dying by the hundreds, his police are being overrun and that he needs troops & lots of them, he needs busses (500 or more), he needs healthcare support and he needs water and food. Things in New Orleans are worse today than yesterday. The President is traveling to the gulf today and ending his day in New Orleans. Please contact him and tell him he, with your support, needs to act today to help Mayor Nagen and the people of New Orleans.
  • Tell the White House directly at:
  • Spread the word by email or blog; pass on this message

Also, Dave Winer was able to find a MP3 of Mayor Ray Nagen of New Orleans. The way he describes the situation sounds more like Mogadishu.