This morning I decided to browse the Internet. I came across an article on motivation and self promotion. In it was this quote that hits a little too close to home right now:

The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.

— John Maxwell

As I finished reading, the Angelic-Me appeared on my right shoulder, took a strum on a harp and said, “Nice idea. Let’s get started right now!” To which the real Mini-Me—dressed in a fine red velvet smoking jacket—appeared to my left, took an angry puff on a cigar and yelled, “Fine John, just…dammit…just get off my back. I’m doing it already. See?! Ok?! Good, now just leave me alone and go motivate Haiti or something. Damn.”

I blame El Niño.