For a little more than two years, I’ve been the sole occupant of Airbag’s headquarters. After a few years alone, I’ve gotten used to having my own space outside of the home, where the books, newspapers, and magazines are stacked high, notes are scattered, and the Boba Fett collection provides security. I guess the reading materials can stay as they are, but I’ll have to use my inside voice for future Executive Board Meetings with Chairman Fett. Because while Airbag has home offices in Boston and Raleigh, another team member will finally occupy a desk next to mine.

A few months ago I had lunch with Russ Casenhiser, a good friend and former boss. We talked about poker, gaming, wine and the good old days of working together. As I often did, I prodded him to leave the his current job, as I knew that his skills, experience, and initiative could be put to better use elsewhere. I figured he would start up his own company…but Russ had a different idea.

Armed with a B.S. in Economics and a M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, Russ has a long history of starting, managing, and leading businesses in such varied sectors such as technology, interactive, retail, and non-profit. From 1998 to 2000, he served as Vice President of Retail Sales for The Knot when the company acquired a business he and his wife started in 1996. Many moons passed, and after many years of gratifying work and a successful IPO, he left the company to be closer to his family. A year later Russ was brought on as CTO for Crystal Cathedral Ministries, where he and I worked together for many years. During his tenure there, he was integral in streamlining the worldwide organization’s operations.

I am pleased to announce that this morning Russ has joined Airbag as our full-time project manager and business developer. Russ will lead efforts to improve customer service and project management beyond the best industry standards, while also working with the team to formulate our strategy and tactics for sustainable growth.

Meanwhile he’ll have to do his best to ignore me while I fly Slave I around the office.