This evening my brother-in-law said it best, “I’m getting real tired of this Pat Robertson guy.”

Me too and I think it’s high time we took a food tube, flicked the switch to ‘SUCK‘, and crammed it into Pat Robertson’s mouth — the only medical procedure I know of that might prevent another attack from his debilitating diarrhea of the mouth.

Seriously sweet mercies, how is it possible that this jerk is still on television and that anyone is listening to him? Is anyone listening to him? Scary thought that is.

I’ve seen first hand how televangelists begin to loose it in their old age but Pat’s rhetoric in his elderly prime is inexcusable for anyone.

Pat, stop being a dillhole and knock it off. Nobody wants to follow you and your doctrine of evil. Have you ever considered the consequences of running off at the mouth?

When David Lee Roth squawked about getting back together with Van Halen the band booted him out before they even started reunification.

When Trent Lott suggested the country would have been better off if we had elected a racist as President, they booted him out of the top spot in Congress.

And when Jimmy Swaggert preached openly against extra marital affairs and was caught committing that very sin, they kicked him to the curb and then, uh, rehired him. Ok that’s not the best example — now I wonder who was more of the tool there: Jimmy for not being able to find another profession or the congregation for paying him money to get back on stage.

Pat keep talking out of your rear and it’s only a matter of time before you become smote yourself.

To anyone reading from the 700 Club (Pat’s Club): I think you should take Pat to Savon, buy him one of those M-T-W-Th-F-S-S containers and check him into the nearest “retirement villages” like Seizure World.

Once there, sitting down with a checkered blanket draped across his naked lap, he can ramble on about death by the Divine as much as he wants. After all, the weirder you are, the better drugs you get, served with an extra helping of cling peaches in natural syrup nestled on top of cottage cheese.