A few weeks ago I grudgingly (kicking and screaming) took on the e-commerce responsibilities at work. I have a lot of retail background, both on the lackey and the management end, so I was quite comfortable with the responsibility. I just didn’t want to do it – I was very happy just to be the web producer.

But now that’s all changed. I’ve become addicted to the performance of the store. Do I have the right products? Did anyone see the new ad set? Do people know to click here and not there?

Every morning I wake up and check the results of ad placements and how many products were sold from our direct email (opt-in of course) campaigns.

Then I proceed to work 9-10 hours (most of it on the store) and then come home and give everything a quick glance over, in case I missed something.

I used to think I was obsessed with checking Airbag site statistics but that was nothing compared to this.

There’s more on the line with the store, I’m trying to get people to part with money in a down trodden economy. I’m trying to convince them to buy from me versus Amazon or Walmart.

These days, Blogdex can suck an egg because now it’s all about the Fortune 500!

So bare with me as I learn to add Capitalist to my resume. I assure you that no matter the level of success gained by this retail endeavor I promise never to register as a card carrying Republican (too much junk mail), nor will I be strong-armed by the mafia to hire union labor (too socialist).

Besides, knowing my Attention Deficit Disorder, next week I will have something completely different to obsess upon.

Update — Wow could I have mispelled any more words in this entry? Sorry folks I’ve hired an editor now so we’ll get that fixed real quick.