Monkey Kong.

Gamecube Europe is reporting that Nintendo Gamecube is the number one selling game console in the United States. Thanksgiving weekend sales totaled 500,000 units, skyrocketing Nintendo to a place it was accustom too before that pesky Sony came along.

The cube is the Macintosh of the console market. The product is compact and portable (with a handle) much like the original Mac form factor. It’s smaller than your average American lunch-box. And It simply looks cool.

Sony and Microsoft’s consoles look like industrial space heaters — which is to say not very cool at all. You could put a Pontiac Aztec next to an Xbox and I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, they are just that ugly.

I want the cube to succeed as a product because I believe great design is half the product. Especially for an entertainment product. If you’re going to play, the product should look like it’s ready to play, not like it’s going to keep your toes warm.

If you haven’t done so already, go acquire your own Gamecube. It will make you happy, and of course it will look good in the home.